Who is Mark Halpin?

Well, I am glad you asked.

I am a Software Engineer who has taught over 1,000 developers how to code.

I loves learning about new technology and making things!

I first started programming a long time ago, back when PHP was all the rage, and made my way into maintaining a CubeCart site for a while. This thing was massive, and a nightmare to work on. Not only that but the version I was working with at the time was version 1.0 and already out of date by the time I came on the scene. Those were the days…

When the economy tanked back in 2008, I found my way into networking and systems admin work. I built computers, servers, and set them all up on the network. To increase my effeciency, I wound up scripting deployments with Powershell and VMWare, leading to the deployment of 100’s of servers at a time. When I wasn’t deploying servers, I configured Cisco networking gear.

As technology shifted and the economy moved forward, I found that my scripting background would really help me transition back into full time software development. So with that, I became a full stack engineer learning and converting a Struts(v1!) application into a Spring MVC application with an AngularJS front end.

Fast forward to today, and I use have over 7 years of programming experience, doing anything from JavaScript/TypeScript, Node, Python, Vue, Postgres, Docker and a host of other technologies to create cool applications. Over my career, I’ve done DevOps, FinTech, SaaS, analytics, chatbots and more!

I really love technology, and choosing the best tools for the job. I also love learning from and giving back to the tech community! I’ve spoken at a bunch of meetups and conferences, and love having the chance to share what I have learned as well as talk about cool new technologies or how to combine different tools and libraries in interesting ways. When I’m not doing anything tech related, I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids.


  • 2017
    • Angular Mix - Building Angular Apps with Electron
    • All Things Open - Introduction to NativeScript
    • Angular Air - Using Angular and Electron
  • 2018
    • Modern Web - NativeScript “Zero to Hero”
    • Angular Mix - Developing Angular Apps with GraphQL
  • 2019
    • Modern Web - Hugo in 5 minutes
    • Angular Denver - Devloping NativesScript Apps with Angular
    • Vue Raleigh - Devloping NativesScript Apps with Vue.js
  • 2020


Other Interests

When I am not behind a screen or a keyboard, I like to work with my hands in other ways:

  • 🔨 I enjoy woodworking. I've made a few things, and can appreciate just how much work goes into it!
  • 🏀 I love basketball! My all time favorite sport.
  • 🎸 I've been playing guitar on and off for a few years. Its been a while though since the last time I have played.
  • 🎣 If there is ever a chance to go fishing, I'm on it!
  • 🔧 Figuring out how to do stuff to my cars is fun, even if just plain old maintenance stuff like fluids and filters.
  • 🔥 🚒 I finally have a grill, and it sure is enjoyable to sit outside and enjoy the smell of grilled flank steak!

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