Bringing the beast back to life.

Welcome BACK to the blog.

I first set this up last year in 2019, but due to some projects that I started, I wasn’t able to put any time into it. Thus, I’ve re-skinned this thing, and started looking more into what it would take to get a blog up and running.

I will admit, the blog isn’t going to be perfect. It will be a work in progress, and I probably will never be satisfied with how it turns out. But you know what? Life isn’t perfect, and this is one of those things I am going to let go of. There are bigger fish to fry than worrying about if the CSS on my blog is perfect, if I have made typos, or if things are not exactly pretty.

As far as the technical stuff, I play a lot with Angular, Vue, Postgres, Python and Node, so that will make up a great deal of my blog posts. I also want to share my experience in technology, how I got to where I am, and hopefully help others do the same. I might also do that in the form of blog posts, or possibly YouTube videos. I am also going to share what I’m making in the real world. It is important to have hobbies outside of a computer screen, and one of my hobbies is woodworking. I love being able to see physical progress, and at the end of a project, I can look back and admire all the time and effort put into making something appear in real life.

All in all, I want to share what I have learned, and use my experience to help others. Technology is a growing and ever expanding field, and the field of Software Development is a great place to be in terms of job satisfaction (in my opinion), demand, and stability. I genuinely want this to be a place for open discussion and growth, for both myself and those who stop by to check it out.

I am going to open up comments on my posts, so if you see something you think can be improved, then let me know. If you have a different way of doing things, I’m all ears. Please keep it respectful, and treat others the way you want to be treated if using the comments.

If you ever want to get in touch with me directly, use my contact form, or reach out on twitter @halpinCodes.